About US

NCIS LTD/GTE, is a not-for-profit organization established in March 2019. We are a leader in the industry to promote actionable trade and investment opportunities between Nigeria and Canada through regular exchange of information.

We also facilitate investment decision making through provision of commercial advisory to entrepreneurs and government agencies in both countries.

We work to redirect foreign direct investments to Nigeria by promoting viable projects to Canadian and other international investors.

We help facilitate conduct of regular meetings of specialist groups with the aim of encouraging them to meet and discuss opportunities and problems of mutual interest; and also organize functions on subjects of current relevance to the commercial activities of Nigeria and Canada.

We promote and encourage regular liaison with officials in government departments and representative bodies concerned with furthering Nigerian-Canadian trade, investment and industrial relationships.

We organize annual international summits in Nigeria/Canada to connect Nigerians and Canadians and international investors with attractive opportunities who are looking to diversify their portfolios.

The work of NCIS LTD/GTE is carried out by a team of diverse, qualified and dedicated staff who report to The Board of six directors. The company secretary for NCIS LTD/GTE is SimmonsCooper Partners.