We welcome accredited media outlets to communicate the opportunities from the Summit as well as its successes. We encourage journalists and media organizations to participate and partner NCIS LTD/GTE on its annual summit.



Print Media Outlets

Accredited print publications include newspapers and industry magazines.

Acceptable job roles include: correspondent, editor, reporter, writer, columnist and staff photographer. 

Broadcast Media Outlets

Accredited broadcast media outlets include television and radio networks/stations, that feature business and financial news.

Acceptable job roles include: correspondent, reporter, and staff photographer/cameraman.

Online Media Outlets

Accredited online media outlets publishes news and related to NCIS’ priority sectors.

Provisional Media

NCIS LTD/GTE reserves the right to grant provisional media status to individuals who are performing photographic or videography tasks,  as officially hired or approved by the organization.

How to Register

If a person or organization is wishing to attend as media, please REGISTER FOR MEDIA PASSES HERE. Approved media outlets will be issued media name badges/passes. 

Only registered and approved media outlets will be issued name badges. We will not register any media outlet on site during the Summit.

CLICK HERE to see all media partners.

Required Materials to pick up name badges

To pick up your authorized media name badges, please come with one of the following: government issued ID, business card or employer ID badge. 

Badges will be available for pick up on both days of the Summit. In addition, we will have badges available on November 2nd and 3rd available for pick up for easier convenience.

Badges must be worn at all times during the Summit.